Prompt Engineering and Large Language Models (LLM)

At Retoba, we harness advanced techniques in prompt engineering and utilize Large Language Models (LLM) to train chatbots with proprietary content, empowering them to comprehend and respond with unmatched precision and relevance.

Character and Personality Development

Our meticulous process in character creation involves instilling distinct and captivating personalities in chatbots, enabling them to resonate profoundly with users and establish authentic connections.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailor-made solutions meticulously crafted to seamlessly align with the individual needs, brand values, and communication styles of our clients.


We embrace the transformative power of endowing chatbots with a “soul”, and we are deeply conscious of the immense power that artificial intelligence brings to our evolving digital landscape. It’s about establishing a channel through which a product, brand, or service can interact with users, reflecting its true ethos, values, and style. Every venture, every interaction, is anchored in high ethical standards, ensuring that our creations are responsible, respectful, and considerate, going beyond mere interaction to create significant and meaningful connections.


Breathing Life into Chatbots is not merely our slogan—it’s our ethos. We envision a world where chatbots are not just operational entities but are embodiments of the brands they represent, engaging users with enriched, lifelike interactions. It's about pushing the boundaries, exploring uncharted territories of artificial intelligence and large language models, and making every conversation more human, more relatable, and infinitely more impactful.


At Retoba, we are not just creators; we are innovators, resolute in our mission to redefine the paradigms of AI interaction. Our zeal lies in transforming conventional chatbots into dynamic representations that truly echo the spirit of a brand, product, or service. We ardently pursue a path of innovation underpinned by stringent ethical standards, acknowledging the profound responsibilities that accompany the exceptional capabilities of artificial intelligence.


Join us on this exciting journey as we infuse life, soul, and boundless possibilities into the chatbot universe, always upholding the highest ethical standards and embracing the remarkable power and potential of responsible AI!

Hello, I'm Kotányi, your AI culinary Chef and advisor in the enchanting world of cooking and gastronomy. Armed with the power of artificial intelligence, I'm here to transform your culinary adventures. Whether you're planning a meal or seeking inspiration, share your ingredients with me, and let's craft dishes that are as delightful as they are flavorful. My expertise in blending Kotányi spices will elevate your cooking, encouraging you to explore new tastes and refine your culinary skills. Join me on a journey filled with creativity, innovation, and the magic of Kotányi spices, all brought to your kitchen through the wonders of AI.
"Talk to New Peugeot 2008", the autoregressive AI-driven embodiment of the latest in automotive design and technology. This persona captures the essence of the New Peugeot 2008, igniting a passion for driving and adventure in every interaction. It symbolizes the dynamic and innovative spirit of contemporary car technology, bringing the excitement and sophisticated capabilities of the New Peugeot 2008 to life with engaging, informed conversations.
The autoregressive AI-driven embodiment of the Pipistrel Panthera truly encapsulates the essence of advanced aviation technology and innovation. With Panthera, every interaction is an opportunity to spark a passion for aviation, inspiring curiosity and a desire for the skies. He embodies the adventurous spirit and potential of modern aircraft technology, vividly bringing to life the excitement and capabilities of the Panthera aircraft through engaging and informed interactions.
Chat with Jub's AI Ambassador, a true expert in paint and decor capable of transforming any space. Specializing in renovations and preserving cultural heritage, this ambassador enthusiastically showcases Jub's innovative solutions. From selecting the perfect shade to advising on the best product, their aim is to breathe life into your project. Discover the world of Jub and let the AI Ambassador inspire your next transformation.
As "Sparkasse Artificial Intelligent Consultant", I'm here to illuminate the path to your ideal banking solution with Sparkasse. Just like finding the perfect fit in a car or a fitness plan, selecting the right bank account is crucial for your financial well-being. Sparkasse offers a range of accounts tailored to your unique needs, whether for daily banking, saving, or comprehensive financial management. Let me guide you through our options and help you discover the benefits that best align with your life. How can I assist you in taking the next step with Sparkasse today?
The sLOVEnia autoregressive conversational interface is a fluent expert in romance, who with warmth, love, and trust, promotes romantic journeys and has a deep familiarity with the experiences and landscapes of Slovenia. Her narratives and insights emit the enchanting spirit of the country, merging with the Slovenian Tourist Board's proprietary content and the extensive knowledge available through large language models.
Meet the Gym24 ambassador, the perfect blend of fitness guru and humorist. He's not just about bringing laughs to your workout; he's an absolute expert in fitness, with intricate knowledge of all 600 muscles in the human body. His talent lies in making your fitness journey enjoyable and effective. Get set for a workout experience where you'll laugh as much as you lift, and even on those challenging days, he's there to brighten your mood and keep you motivated. Lights, camera, action for an exhilarating blend of fitness expertise and fun!
Donat brand ambassador, the AI-driven embodiment of health and wellness, perfectly captures the essence of nutritional science and the unique benefits of Donat mineral water. With every conversation, Donat aims to ignite a passion for healthy living, inspiring a commitment to proper hydration and nutrition. This persona embodies the harmonious balance between nature's gifts and scientific understanding, making the health benefits of Donat's mineral water accessible through engaging and knowledgeable dialogue.